Lean Packing

Lean Packing

The Lean Packing Project

At Soflog, the “Lean Packing” project constitutes the key challenge for the next two years.  The integration of every link in the organisation, every technical achievement and every operating process into a global chain of value creation represents both the aim and the issue at stake for this project

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Soflog has chosen the consulting firm, Vincia, to assist with implementation and deployment.


The first “workstreams” will cover the following in particular: setup, the organisation of flows, types of machines and resources used (efficient, ergonomic, modern), stock management (storage resources, location), signage (floor marking and notice boards, etc.), the indicators monitored (KPIs) and tools used, best practices for the Lean approach (visual management, the 5Ss in particular) and – in short – all the levers to be addressed to make these sites the very best on the market.


Up to now, 3 pilot sites: Orléans, Valenciennes and Lyon have embarked on their initial workstreams with clear objectives:

  • Make all Soflog sites autonomous in terms of the continuous improvement approach
  • Establish operating excellence to serve Soflog customers
  • Develop Lean principles for the benefit of our customers.


“To support Soflog in this ambitious project, we have given priority to the active involvement of teams in the field by making a diagnosis of the three sites with operating staff to identify opportunities for improvement.  This diagnosis has enabled us to define ambitious Lean workstreams with the sites and Soflog Group Management within a period of three months to show operating staff tangible progress with the improvement of performance, the reduction of lead times, the simplification of operations and the improvement of working conditions.

The advantage of this approach for Soflog, whose constant aim is to satisfy its customers, is to integrate customer needs into every process in order to focus on added value.

To sustain the approach and permanently establish a Lean culture, Soflog has decided to train Lean coordinators to be responsible for support for current and future workstreams” – indicated Fabrice Mattei – Associate Director – Vincia.